Healthy Pets are Happy Pets


Healthy Pets are Happy Pets

Services We Provide

Vet Home Visits

Veterinary Doctors come to your place (with medicines) for treatments

Video Consults

Consult with a Vet on Video-Call (available across India)

Clinic Bookings

Book a slot and visit the vet in Clinic

Our Team

Average 5 Years Experience

A growing network of 500+ expert vets with average experience of 5+ years

Experts for Cattle/Pets/Equestrian

Our vet network comprises of experts for all kinds of animal species ranging from pets (dogs, cats) to cattle, sheep, horses and even elephants

Rapidly Growing

Fastest growing network of vet experts in India





Why Us?

PetPal was born with the dream of providing Accessible Healthcare services and products for the 20 Million+ Pets in India.To this effect, we are making utmost efforts to strive towards 24x7 vet availability in most locations throughout India. We offer the following salient benefits

Vet Home Visits

Currently available in 10+ cities across India (and growing)                    

Video Consultations

Round the clock Video-Consultations available across India                    

Clinical Treatments

Clinical treatments and surgeries are currently available in 10+ cities across India (and growing)

Diagnostic Services

Diagnostic Services (including doorstep sample pickup) are currently available in 1 city in India (and growing)


Currently our visiting vets carry all medicines with them. However, we are making arrangements towards providing immediate medicine delivery post prescription

Doorstep Vaccinations

We provide doorstep vaccinations and dewormings in the cities where our Home-Visit services are present

Connect With Our Experts

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are Services Available Through Out India?

    Our Video-Consultation services are available across India. Home-Visits and Clinical Bookings are currently available in limited regions only. Please contact customer support for more info.

  • You can download our mobile apps from the links given above to connect with expert vets immediately and book a Home-Visit/Video-Consultation/Clinic-Booking.

  • Our vet network consists of expert dog vets, cat vets, cattle (cow/buffalo) vets, sheep/goat vets, bird vets, equestrian (horse) vets and even vets with expertise in treating wildlife

  • Our Services are categorised in following 3 categories: 1. Video Consultations-Vet consults with you via video call (in our mobile app). Consultations done via video cover basic issues and emergencies (when visit is not possible). However for serious conditions, Home-Visit/Clinic-Visit is recommended. 2. Home Visits-Vet Visits your home with medicines. 90% of illnesses can be treated via home visits. Blood sample collection and vaccinations etc can also be done in Home-Visits. 3. Clinic Visits-Recommended where more serious interventions/surgeries/x-rays are required.

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