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Dr. U. P. Deokar
Dr. U. P. DeokarVeterinary Physician & Surgeondr.updeokar@gmail.com
Dr. Deokar (Dr. Deokar's Animal Mobile Clinic) in Nampally is one of the most preferred veterinary doctors in Hyderabad. He protects the health of animals by diagnosing and controlling its disease and treating it with the love, care and attention. Dr. Deokar is extremely qualified and carries out day-to-day operations in a fully functional clinic that adorns the latest types of equipment and technology. This vet has earned a regular group of clients over the years and has esteemed pet owners visiting the clinic, all either professionals or film stars. This doctor treats all the animals delicately and efficiently, ensuring that they are in safe hands. The clinic can be easily found as it is Devi Bagh.
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