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Exclusive Cat litter 10kg


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Ultra absorbent, this Intersand Cat Exclusive cat litter cuts down on the amount of litter you need to use. Rather than replacing the entire tray of litter, you just need to scoop out the clumps when your pet uses the box.

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  • Thanks to its optimal odour absorbency, it is easy on the nose. Its baby powder scent makes it all the more pleasant. This economical formula makes one bag (10 kg) of Cat Exclusive litter equal to 28 kg of conventional litter.✓ Clumping cat litter
    ✓ Baby powder scented
    ✓ Scoop-able clumps and economical
    ✓ Optimal odour absorbencyHUFT Tip: Never flush scoop-able litter, it can cause blocks. You should just dispose the clumps with the household waste.


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Exclusive Cat litter 10kg


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