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Scoobeestix Nutritional Dog Chews 50’s

Scoobeestix Nutritional Dog Chews 50’s

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Your Pet, An Amicable Companion Who Always Longs For Your Love And Attention, Needs To Be Pampered The Way They Deserve. Scoobee Presents Its All New Range Of Pet Supplies That Caters To Every Need Of Your Pet. Come And Shop From Our Dynamic Range Of Products. Scoobeestix are just one of a range of Scoobee Pet products, each carefully developed to promote fitness and good health of your dog. Whey Protein Concentrate contains Amino acids, essential as the building blocks of protein, plus Lactoperoxidase and Lactoferrin enzymes, assistingiodine and iron absorbtion by the dog form the food

  • Brand: Twisted
  • SKU: 2139
  • Product Type: Dry
  • Age: (Adult)
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