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Goodies energy treats Original flavour

Goodies energy treats Original flavour

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Goodies Original Energy Treat is made from vegetable protein which is perfect for dogs allergic to Meat. It is suitable for all breeds and ages of a dog with high-quality ingredients, its texture can be flexible and fun to chew by your dog. Suitable for all breed and ages of dogs Free from preservatives, artificial flavours and colours Added supplements like Chlorophyll, Calcium etc Enriched with vitamins and minerals Helps satisfying their tendency to chew Treats should not be used in place of regular meals but these can be used in-between meals Always keep a tab on feeding the required amount of treats as prescribed Always keep clean drinking water available for your pet Always consult a vet before altering your pet's diet

  • Brand: Goodies
  • SKU: 2165
  • Product Type: None
  • Age: (All)
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