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    Wiggles Liver Tonic & Appetizer | Dogs and Cats | 200 ML

    Wiggles Liver Tonic & Appetizer | Dogs and Cats | 200 ML

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    Wiggles Liver Tonic & Appetizer is effective for the proper functioning of liver in cats and dogs by increasing appetite, improving digestion and encouraging smooth working of the liver. Wiggles Liver Tonic & Appetizer improves liver functioning, facilitates therapy in jaundice, fibrosis, liver cirrhosis, hepatitis, metabolic disorders and in case of parasitic disorder. Improves appetite, maintains energy levels, so play time continues as usual Keeps the liver and your pet stress-free, healthy and stimulates metabolism too. It Promotes growth, aids in Vitamin E absorption, protects the liver, and acts as an antioxidant. It is Therapeutic and does not clash with any other medications. For puppies, give during vaccination schedules or after deworming. For adult pets, helps in liver detoxification

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