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PetCare Ridd 6ml

PetCare Ridd 6ml

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Ectoparasites like ticks, fleas and mange mites can do more harm than triggering allergic reactions in animals. They are often the causes of many skin diseases. The quicker these parasites leave, the better it is for the animals. PetCare Ridd 15ml is a premium quality pet solution that terminates ticks, fleas and mange mites in the cats, dogs as well as in cattle. The penetrative power of the solution is such that it leaves no parasites alive on your pet’s skin. It also gives relief to the persistent itching and scratching in dogs. PetCare Ridd works by cutting of the oxygen supply of the parasites completely. The low toxicity of the solution makes it absolutely safe for the animals. It also tackles mange mites in all stages of their development.

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