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Beaphar Puppy Trainer Spray | 20 ML

Beaphar Puppy Trainer Spray | 20 ML

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Puppy Trainer is especially formulated to help house train your puppy by encouraging him to do his business in a place selected by you. Continuous use cultivates habits which result in a properly trained dog, so helping to protect valuable rugs, furniture and carpets. We recommend the use of this product in combination with Beaphar puppy pads. Sprinkle a few drops where you want your puppy to urinate or defecate such as old newspaper. If your pet has had an accident somewhere in the house, make sure the area is cleaned up completely or else he/ she will go back to the same place. Apply few drops on a training pad.

  • Brand: Beaphar
  • SKU: 1692
  • Product Type: Wet
  • Age: (Puppy)
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