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Vitapol Love Bird Dry Food | 500 GM

Vitapol Love Bird Dry Food | 500 GM

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Vitapol lovebird food has been specially formulated for all of your lovebirds. It is a healthy mixture of millets, flour, lot of nutritious & palatable seeds. It's important to offer right nutrition to all the birds to take care of their beautiful feathers & their general health. A balanced diet will make sure that all the love birds maintain the natural color of their feathers & build a robust immunity system to keep off diseases. The Vitapol food for lovebird is definitely digestible within the body & also maintains a healthy alimentary canal for the birds. The food may be a healthy mixture of various grains that's rich in minerals & vitamins.

  • Brand: Vitapol
  • SKU: 1984
  • Product Type: Dry
  • Age: (All)