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    Vitapol Guinea Pig Dry Food | 400 GM

    Vitapol Guinea Pig Dry Food | 400 GM

    Rs 189.0 Rs 210.0
    Small, gentle and vocal – don’t we all love a guinea pig? Creating a mixture of healthy, tasty nutrients for your picky eater, Vitapols' Food for Guinea Pig is a colourful blend of a variety of wholesome flavours consisting of rich fruits, vegetables and a reduced amount of grains. This medley of ingredients fortified with Vitamin C not also provides your guinea pig a natural diet, but also encourages a good digestive system while maintaining it’s ideal weight. After all, a healthy guinea pig is a happy guinea pig!

    • Brand: Vitapol
    • SKU: 2024
    • Product Type: Dry
    • Age: (All)