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Vetpro skin & coat

Vetpro skin & coat

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Vet Pro Skin and Coat Dog Food is a super quality prescription dog food for enhancing the skin and coat health of dogs experiencing dermatitis. The diet contains a highly digestible source of proteins and carbohydrates that eliminates possible food sensitivity in the dogs. The essential fatty acids like Omega 3 and Omega 6 reduces allergies and soothes the itching of the skin. Organic Zinc, Selenium and aloe vera extract boost the skin’s natural defence and promotes faster healing. Drools Vet Pro Skin and Coat have a synergistic combination of natural antioxidants for enhancing skin barrier and health. Chicken present as the prime ingredient boosts the palatability of the food, suiting the fussiest of eaters. Dried beet pulp and FOS prebiotics are organic prebiotics that detoxifies the dog’s body, thereby rejuvenating the dog’s overall health.

  • Brand: Vetpro
  • SKU: 1217
  • Product Type: Dry
  • Age: Above 1 Years (Adult)
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