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Vetpro obesity

Vetpro obesity

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Vet Pro Obesity 12 Kg dog food is a highly nutritious prescription diet specialling designed for treating the problem of obesity and constipation in adult dogs of all breeds. Having a low-fat content in the diet ensures a lower calorie intake. Essential minerals like Lysine, L-Carnitine and Choline Chloride metabolises fat deposits in the canine’s body. A balanced protein to calorie ratio sustains overall growth and development in dogs. A healthy fibre content offered by DROOLS Vet Pro Obesity dog food satisfies hunger and maintains a healthy digestive tract. Yucca extract lowers the stool odour of the dog. Taurine present in the diet keeps good a good cardiac function. Fructo-oligo-Saccharides is an organic prebiotic for detoxifying the dog’s body and for supporting a healthy gut

  • Brand: Drools
  • SKU: 1206
  • Product Type: Dry
  • Age: Above 1 Years (Adult)
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