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Royal Canin Boxer Junior Dog Dry Food | 3 KG

Royal Canin Boxer Junior Dog Dry Food | 3 KG

Rs 2190.0 Rs 2380.0
Boxer’s are like chips! You love them, and you’re never satisfied with just one. Your little potato chip can’t really be eating the dog equivalent of those though. Royal Canin Boxer Adult Dog Food is a diet especially designed to meet the dietary requirements of adult Boxer dogs above 15 months of age. The food is an assortment of 26% protein and other essential nutrients that support healthy cardiac functioning, build ideal muscle mass, and discourage excess fat build-up. You know how easy that is with Boxers. Antioxidants in the food help neutralize free radicals and recover from daily bodily wear and tear.

  • Brand: Royal canin
  • SKU: 1135
  • Product Type: Dry
  • Age: Upto 12 Months (Puppy)