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Meo Delite Tuna with Bonito in Jelly Wet Pouch |  70 GM

Meo Delite Tuna with Bonito in Jelly Wet Pouch | 70 GM

Rs 57.0 Rs 60.0
MeO Delite provides nutritionally delicious food, which is full of high-quality ingredients, to your beloved cats. The best part of fresh tunas to serve your cats’ appetite. You can be confident that your cats will become happy and healthy. Variety of flavours are available and ready to be part of your cats’ perfect meal. Once your cats try MeO Delite, We do recommend you to mix MeO Delite with MeO dry cat food as it will premiumize your cats’ meal. Your cats’ meal will be no longer an ordinary meal. MeO Wet food features real meat and real fish, delivering a variety of textures and flavours that cats adore. Give your cats a mouthwatering meal that they will savour from the first bite of MeO wet food. Keep in a cool and dry place and away from pet and insects. FEATURES: Taurine improves the cat’s eyesight. The combination of Biotin and Zinc helps nourish the cat’s healthy skin and coat. Vitamin C greatly enhances the effectiveness of the cats’ immune system.

  • Brand: Meo
  • SKU: 1257
  • Product Type: Wet
  • Age: Above 1 Years (Adult)