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Drools Labrador Retriever Adult Dry Food | Multiple Sizes |

Drools Labrador Retriever Adult Dry Food | Multiple Sizes |

Rs 1472.0 Rs 1600.0
Drools Labrador retriever adult formula delivers expert nutrition for dogs prone to weight gain. Our breed specific dog food has proprietary levels of l-carnitine to help naturally burn fat for peak performance. This food is enriched with nutrients that supports digestive health, promotes balance in the intestinal flora and helps in reducing arthritis and hip dysplasia. This breed tends to eat quickly without chewing its food. The specially formulated kibbles of the Labrador retriever formula helps to slow the rate of ingestion and encourage them to chew. Features Dry food for dogs Suitable for adult Labrador retrievers over 15 months old Helps maintain ideal weight Special kibble shape, size and texture Maintains bone and joint health Controls the rate of food intake Protein content 30%

  • Brand: Drools
  • SKU: 1040
  • Product Type: Dry
  • Age: Above 1 Years (Adult)