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Genie Smart Tag

Genie Smart Tag

Rs 499.0
Traditional pet tags tend to be noisy & bulky; they fade quickly and are at a risk of getting caught in things, and getting damaged or lost, genie overcomes these drawbacks with its permanent grade epoxy tags. genie Smart Tag- Features • Find missing pet: Get an instant email notification as soon as the Finder scans the QR code. • Access emergency information: Finder gets access to the pet’s medical information and the pet parent’s contact details. • Important alerts and reminders: Set vaccination, deworming, grooming and other alerts. • Access Finder’s GPS: Get the GPS location where the scan took place by logging into our website. • Manage pet profile digitally: Create and update a full digital profile of your pet in the genie Smart Tag website, including photos, contact information, vaccinations, allergies and medical history. • Multiple contacts: Store multiple contact details of pet parents and caretakers. • Missing pet poster: Automatically generate a lost pet poster to share with friends and neighbours via social media. • Affordable and durable: Scratch and water-resistant coating. • Mobile friendly: Quick and easy online registration. Important Information It is essential to register the tags in order to activate them.

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