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Petpal is a pal to stray dogs during lockdown

An ardent pet lover, he decided to set up Petpal (formerly Unikorn), an e-commerce platform that ships pet food, accessories, medicines and drugs to  pet lovers  across India from its office in Hyderabad. The company’s product line includes plain leashes, cat and dog food and medicines for pets. It even connects customers to grooming and veterinary services for their pets.

on Thu 28 May 2020

Caring for your pet in a lockdown: Go easy on the treats, teach them new tricks for physical activity Read more at: https://eco

If our cats and dogs had social media, they’d be jealous of the wild goats running around on the streets of Wales or the cheeky otters taking over Singapore walkways. But while every dog may have its day, this is not it.


on Thu 07 May 2020

Locked out Indians are abandoning their pets on the streets—helpless, scared, and hungry

When they found him in an East Delhi locality towards the end of February, the tall, dark, and handsome labrador was hungry, weak, scared, and depressed.

on Wed 01 Apr 2020

Petpal Technologies: One-Stop-Shop for Pet Food, Accessories & Drugs

Though there are many brands selling pet care products, Petpal only considers those which have underwent thorough quality check

on Thu 01 Aug 2019

Pet brand Unikorn rebrands itself as Petpal

Petpal as an identity resonates more with its consumers as the brand is dedicated to help pet parents take care of their furry kids in the best possible way

on Mon 01 Apr 2019

WhatsApp Business Stories

"With WhatsApp, we were doing business from day one"

on Tue 01 Jan 2019