National Pet Day Turned Twitter Into An Adorable Zoo Of Furry Friends

National Pet Day is here, and owners are sharing their love for their furry pals. The Twitterverse is exalting in all of the support and love owners feel from their pets everyday, no matter how big or small. From dogs and cats to hamsters and…

on Sun 12 Apr 2020

Deaf Dog Takes to Rescued Kittens and Showers Them with Cuddles

Two kittens were rescued from a shelter and found a canine buddy to lean on.

on Sun 12 Apr 2020

Thinking Of Adopting a Quarantine Pup? Here's How Much Real People Spend On Their Pets

Animal shelters are currently in need of people willing to foster or adopt — and perhaps longing for companionship in a time of isolation, people are answering that call. Fosters and adoptions are currently surging, according to reports from several shelters. Research shows that the pet care industry is remarkably resilient even in the face of recessions...

on Sun 12 Apr 2020

China Will No Longer Classify Dogs as Livestock, Marking Push Toward Dog Meat Ban: Reports

Shenzhen recently became the first city in China to ban the consumption of dog and cat meat

on Sun 12 Apr 2020

How to Keep Your Dog Mobile and Active Inside Your Home Amid the Coronavirus Pandemic

An expert vet offers advice on easy ways to keep your pet mobile while still practicing social distancing....

on Sat 11 Apr 2020

Why Is My Dog Shaking?

Our dogs are our constant, and arguably our best, companions. But as much as they share our lives and capture our hearts, they still mystify us in many ways. If only they could talk and tell us what they want and what their weird behavior means! 

on Sat 11 Apr 2020

Vet warns dog owners about deadly danger over Easter weekend

Keep those Easter treats away from your pets...

on Fri 10 Apr 2020

Coronavirus: Should I Stop Petting My Dog? And Can My Cat Go Outside?

With so much conflicting advice around pets and coronavirus, we spoke to an expert about how to keep our pets – and ourselves – safe.

on Fri 10 Apr 2020

Experts explain how pets react to their owners working from home

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many humans to adapt to the strange rhythms of working from home, and its forces even more cats and dogs to try and make sense of why their human is home.

on Thu 09 Apr 2020

Can my dog get coronavirus?

Answered by Dr Jeremy Rossman, Honorary Senior Lecturer in Virology at the University of Kent.

on Thu 09 Apr 2020

Vet Expert Urges Pet Owners to 'Not Overreact' Over Confirmed Coronavirus Cases in Cats and Dogs

The AVMA know of four confirmed cases of pets testing positive for novel coronavirus COVID-19 but have found no evidence that pets can spread coronavirus to humans

on Wed 08 Apr 2020

The Voice of Goofy Lets Real-Life Hero Dogs Speak For Themselves in New Disney+ Series

Bill Farmer meets astounding canines in odd and adorable jobs in the new Disney+ series It's a Dog's Life

on Wed 08 Apr 2020

Pet Wine Shop Is Offering Free Cat Wine So You Can Drink With Your Feline During Quarantine

The online pet supply store is offering free cat wine and other feline products through April 10

on Wed 08 Apr 2020

New York City Is Closing All Its Dog Runs

Due to ongoing overcrowding amid the coronavirus outbreak.

on Wed 08 Apr 2020

Dogs Trained to Detect Coronavirus Could Be Key in Ending COVID-19 Pandemic

We all know how important dogs already are to our mental, emotional and physical health. Now, dogs could be key in finally ending the global COVID-19 pandemic by doing what they do naturally—sniffing!

on Mon 06 Apr 2020