Ever Wonder 'What It's Like To Be A Bird'? David Allen Sibley Has Some Answers

David Allen Sibley's name is synonymous with his bird field guides. In researching this volume, he became convinced of something new: Birds make complex decisions and experience emotions.

on Mon 20 Apr 2020

24 Pictures That Prove Dogs Are The Perfect Weirdos We Need Right Now

In a time of great confusion, grief, and isolation, we should all be more grateful than ever for the steadfast companionship of humanity's best friend — dogs.

on Mon 20 Apr 2020

19 Cats Who Are So, So Cute, But So, So Dumb

Not all cats make smart decisions.

on Mon 20 Apr 2020

Your Cat's 'Destructive Behavior' Could Be a Result of Your Pet Missing You, Study Finds

New research identified that some cats act out as a sign of separation-related problems

on Sun 19 Apr 2020

Horses Copy Their Canine Pals When Engaging In Play

Man’s best friend loves to play, and there’s been extensive research into the rules of engagement between dogs. Mimicking signals let dogs know when their buddies want to goof around and it’s a behavior that’s been observed in species-specific play such as cats playing with cats.

on Fri 17 Apr 2020

Dogs Wearing Masks for Coronavirus Protection

Dogs sporting medical-grade snout masks would have turned heads 2 months ago -- now it's becoming a common sight amid the global coronavirus pandemic.

on Fri 17 Apr 2020

The Best Dog Food for Puppies, According to Veterinarians

Including food for large- and small-breed puppies, as well as fresh and affordable options.

on Fri 17 Apr 2020

Why a new pup is the perfect lockdown pep up

As breeders were inundated by calls from prospective puppy owners, Rachel Johnson reveals why she bought herself a cockapoo.

on Fri 17 Apr 2020

James Middleton Shares Adorable Instagram of His Dog Mabel and Her New 'Little Friend'

"It’s a strange world we’re living in at the moment & I’m amazed how communities are putting differences aside coming together," James Middleton wrote

on Thu 16 Apr 2020

The dog breed that once hunted wolves

Dog breeding is a time-honored tradition, and these days, it's an artform largely dedicated to aesthetics. We like seeing how inside-out we can make bulldogs without killing them, and how two dimensional a greyhound can get before it slips through the cracks of reality. With the exceptions of a few working breeds like those narc German Shepherds at the airport, we make dogs more as sentient ornamentations than beasts of burden.


on Thu 16 Apr 2020

'Otherwise I'd Be Alone.' Foster Pets Offer Much-Needed Companionship in an Age of Isolation

Shelters and rescues are seeing about a 90% increase in foster requests nationwide amid the COVID-19 outbreak

on Wed 15 Apr 2020

Doctor's Note: Cats and the coronavirus

Last week, a four-year-old female Malayan tiger at the Bronx Zoo in New York tested positive for coronavirus. The tiger, named Nadia, is thought to have contracted the virus from a zookeeper who was showing no symptoms of the illness.

on Wed 15 Apr 2020

Pet adoptions rose in the wake of coronavirus, now rescues face new challenges

Trying to continue animal rescue efforts and adoptions has become increasingly difficult in the wake of social restrictions due to the Covid-19 outbreak.

on Sun 12 Apr 2020

Country Music's Cutest Pets [Pictures]

Dogs are a man's woman's country singer's best friend — cats, too!

on Sun 12 Apr 2020

Dogs Playing Tic Tac Toe In Isolation Is The Wholesome Content We Need Right Now

All over the world right now, dogs are loving the fact that their owners are home pretty much all day, which means that they are hitting peak amounts of attention, treats and cuddles. As the boredom of isolation sets in, dogs are also helping their owners pass the time, and this has led to the birth of a truly wholesome trend – the tic tac toe challenge.

on Sun 12 Apr 2020