InsePAWrable! Golden retriever brothers show their heartwarming bond

Golden-brown Kiko, eight, and five-year-old Watson, from Spokane, Washington, were introduced to each other in June 2015. Owner Jennifer Medrano, 26, documents their bond.

on Tue 28 Apr 2020

Why dogs understand gender better than humans

"Your dog loves you for who you are, not who you need to be," says Jennifer Finney Boylan

on Tue 28 Apr 2020

World records held by animals

Creatures in forests, oceans, zoos, and even in people's homes hold incredible world records. The box jellyfish is the most venomous animal in the world, with toxins that could kill a person in minutes. The longest crocodile in captivity measures the equivalent of two ping-pong tables placed end to end. The world record for the fastest 30 meters (98.4 feet) traveled on a scooter by a dog is held by a Briard named Norman. Visit Insider's homepage for more stories.

on Tue 28 Apr 2020

After some cats test positive, CDC says social distancing applies to pets too

Agency recommends treating pets "like family," keep away from other people.

on Tue 28 Apr 2020

Queen Elizabeth’s Corgi Trainer Warns Lockdown’s Negative Impact on Dogs

Pups are at risk of developing separation anxiety after coronavirus restrictions are lifted. Here’s what you can do now to make that transition easier for everyone.

on Sun 26 Apr 2020

Can Dogs Eat Ice? Is Ice Safe For Dogs?

Can dogs eat ice? The short answer is yes, dogs can eat ice. As long as the pieces are small enough to where your dog won't choke, ice is perfectly safe for them. Of course, there are exceptions, so you must ask your vet before giving your dog ice. Here's what you should know.

on Sun 26 Apr 2020

Kitten with Bear Ears and Twisted Legs Cuddles Family that is Kind to Her

A kitten with twisted legs came to her foster home for a chance at a better life.

on Sun 26 Apr 2020

New Puppy Checklist: Everything You Need for Your New Family Member

Adopting—and fostering—a new puppy is such an exciting event. It’s the start of a fresh, totally different chapter in your life. Puppies are work, yes, but the rewards are 100 percent worth the effort. One way to make life easier is to invest in great gear. We’re talking high-quality, puppy- and planet-friendly, cute-as-heck supplies. Here, your new puppy checklist to make sure you have everything you need for your four-legged family member.

on Sun 26 Apr 2020

5 ways sleeping with your pet can give you a better night's rest

Not only will they keep you warm on a cold winter night, your pet may also promote some good-quality shut eye.

on Sat 25 Apr 2020

My Cat Hated Pretty Much Everything . . . Until She Was Forced to Hang Out With Us 24/7

Despite the anxiety, worry, sadness, despair, and [insert most other negative feelings here] that flowed through me in the first few weeks of staying home, another small thought crept up through my brain fog: how were my two cats going to handle us all being crammed into our tiny apartment 24/7?

on Sat 25 Apr 2020

Wildlife in streets, less pollution in big cities: Earth looks different on Earth Day 2020

As we commemorate the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, this year's event is unlike any other we've experienced.

on Thu 23 Apr 2020

Dog Nicknamed Big Poppa Becomes Instant Online Celebrity For Being Sad During Lockdown

"Not being dramatic but I would literally die for Big Poppa."

on Thu 23 Apr 2020

Koalas injured in Australia bushfires re-released into wild

In a spot of good news, several koalas who were injured in bushfires in Australia in 2019 have been re-released into the wild.

on Thu 23 Apr 2020

7 Funny, Lazy Dogs Who Refuse To Get Out Of Bed [VIDEOS]

During the week most of us run on a routine. That means we get up early and prepare for the day.

So when the weekend comes around, we cherish the mornings where we can sleep in and not worry about getting out of bed early. But things are not the same for our four-legged friends.


on Wed 22 Apr 2020

How a road trip with a senior dog taught me to slow down

Epic road trip: Twelve years after adopting Bagel, Mike Spasev and Stacey McKenna planned a dog-focused trip. Click through for a selection of memories from the vacation.

on Tue 21 Apr 2020