Cheaper Way to Reunite With Your Lost Pet

    There are two things you need to know about microchips for your pets: First, a microchip does not have GPS, so it can’t be used to track your lost pet. It can only be used to figure out that you are the pet’s owner once it’s found. Second, if you’re paying to register your pet’s microchip and keep the data linked to it up to date, you’re a sucker.

    on Fri 07 Aug 2020

    How to choose the right dog breed for you, according to The Yorkshire Vet

    Deciding to welcome a dog into your life is a big decision and one that should not be taken lightly, for the sake of both owner and animal. Once you've decided that yes, you have the capacity and resources to properly care for a dog, the next question is which breed will make for the perfect match.

    on Fri 07 Aug 2020

    Asda is selling an adorable Sid the Sausage Dog cake

    Dog lovers, get excited because Asda has just launched an adorable new dachshund cake called Sid the Sausage Dog. The foot-long cake is so cute and costs just £12, despite feeding up to 20 guests. Sid may look almost too loveable to eat, but he sounds tasty enough to persuade us to tuck in.5

    on Tue 14 Jul 2020

    Numbers of one of the UK's largest dog breeds fall to new 50-year low

    Scooby Who? Great Dane's popularity falls to its lowest level in 50 years after peaking in the 1980s thanks to the Scooby Doo TV series

    on Tue 14 Jul 2020

    Sony's Robot Dog Aibo to Make Special Kamen Rider Appearance

    Oh, nothing to see here. Just a masked superhero and his Sony-branded robot doggie.

    on Sun 12 Jul 2020

    Heartwarming dog pictures and stories to get you through the week

    Dogs can often serve as reminders of all that's good in the world

    For instance, at the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, a team of golden retrievers helped deliver beers to customers, lifting spirits while helping out the brewery owners. 

    on Wed 08 Jul 2020

    Young Children Who Grow Up With Dogs Are Better Behaved, New Study Finds

    According to the study, children from dog-owning households were 30 to 40 percent less likely to have conduct problems

    on Wed 08 Jul 2020

    Newly recognized dog breed by the American Kennel Club: The rare Belgian Laekenois

    The Belgian Laekenois was recognized Wednesday as the American Kennel Club's 196th breed. 

    on Fri 03 Jul 2020

    Augie the dog celebrated her 20th birthday this week, making her the oldest golden retriever in history

    With a dog-friendly cake and loved ones around her, August the golden retriever celebrated her birthday recently. But little did she know that as she licked the frosting off her cake, she was making history.

    on Fri 26 Jun 2020

    China’s dog-meat festival opens for potentially the last time

    Shocking and depressingcrying


    The annual 10-day fair in Yulin, a city in southwest China, was first held in 2009 to mark the summer solstice.

    on Wed 24 Jun 2020

    38 Puppies Perish during Ukraine-Canada Flight


    After a routine Ukrainian International Airlines (UIA) flight landed in Toronto last Saturday, ramp agents were appalled to find approximately 500 French Bulldogs on board, many dehydrated and critically ill, and sadly 38 deceased.


    on Tue 23 Jun 2020

    Paw-fect welcome! Adorable video shows cat waving at the window

    Sox lives with owner Michael Collins in Halifax, West Yorkshire. The eight-year-old cat has been waving Michael off for the past few years.

    on Fri 19 Jun 2020

    For just $40 a month, Indians can beat lockdown blues with a long-distance pet

    Raghav Chabra, a 28-year-old chartered accountant in New Delhi, has been anxious lately as he juggles work from home and household chores while implementing a laundry list of precautions to safeguard himself from Covid-19. But at 7pm each day, he's all perked up for his "stress buster." Chabra spends about an hour every evening watching...

    on Fri 19 Jun 2020

    The Drug That Could One Day Help People — and Dogs — Live Longer

    Scientists are trying to find ways to extend the human lifespan. Turns out our furry friends are the perfect test subjects.

    on Mon 15 Jun 2020

    People are paying as much as $10,000 for unlicensed remdesivir variant for their cats, in thriving black market

    A variant of remdesivir, one of the most promising treatments for COVID-19, has for more than a year been sold as a treatment for sick cats via a black market connected to big Facebook groups. 

    on Mon 15 Jun 2020