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    Miss.Bhuju Bhandare

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    Miss.Bhuju Bhandare

    By Miss.Bhuju Bhandare

    We are into animal's caring people from generation's but I've seen my maternal grandmother and my mother doing lots of caring of stray dog's, cat's, cow's, bird's, and many other animals who needed care and medical treatment.

    Also in those times there was no facilities for animals ( I'm born in 1957 ) so as my grandma and mom was an expert in Ayurveda she used to treat them by Ayurveda and other home remedies. I feel very blessed that I had such grandma and mom but I'm very sad that I could not learn from them the Ayurveda some home remedies I can do and I believe very strongly in homeopathy aswell.

    But now that we've very good veterinarian doctors and hospital so I feel happy for all animals, I and my 2 daughter's are dedicated to animals welfare we take care of many dog's and cat's we've given shelter to many handicapped dog's and cat's and we feed more than 150 dog's and cat's we take care of the ones who have met with serious accident, who have gone through critical surgeries and are in critical condition and need 24x7 attention and care.

    We need some support from your end so that we can treat more animanls and save more lives.



    Whiskas Adult Tuna Flavor Dry Food | Multiple Sizes | (7 KG)

    24 Needed
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    Pedigree Adult Meat and Vegetables Flavor Dry Food | 20 KG (20 KG)

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