Hello, my name is

Dr. Raghunath Reddy

# VetForBetterWorld# # Passionate Vet to Vanish the Pain and Sufferings of animals. # Trained at University of Minnesota USA in Small Animal Medicine and Surgery. # Gold medal in Undergrad from KVAFSU, Karnataka. # Masters in Public Health from KVASU, Kerala. # Published many research and Surgical articles in elite peer reviewed national and international Journals. # Performed more than 1000 surgeries of Large, small and exotic animals and Birds.

Personal Information

Species Treated

Dog, Cat, Bird, Reptile, Hamster, Guinea Pig, Rabbit, Cow / Buffalo, Sheep / Goat, Camel

Appointment Type

Video Call, Home Visit, Clinic,

Area of Interest

Medicine, Gynaecology, Radiology, Surgery, Pathology, Neurology, Cardiology, Immunology, Parasitology, Physiology, Management of livestock animals, Other: Exotic animals


Karnataka , KA


10 Years