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Why Is Owning A Pet Good For Your Heart?

on Sat 01 Apr 2023
Why Is Owning A Pet Good for Your Heart?
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Why Is Owning A Pet Good For Your Heart?


Any dog lover can go on and on about the love, comfort, and warmth our canine companions can bring to our lives. Not many dog owners would know that having a dog might help in improving heart health. Pet ownership is associated with a lower risk of cardiovascular diseases. 

Though we are not claiming that there is a clear cause and effect relationship between pet-owning and heart health, there might be some link between the two. As such, pet ownership can be a part of the overall strategy to reduce the risk of cardiac diseases.

The Research on the Correlation Is Real

Several studies have shown positive connections between pet ownership and the overall heart health of the owner. According to The American Heart Association, being a pet owner might connect with a lower risk of cardiac diseases. 

Swedish researchers claim that pet owners are less likely to have heart diseases turn fatal than non-pet-owning people.

The same study analysed pet ownership records and medical data of 3.4 million middle-aged women and men. The researchers paid close attention to the impact of pet ownership on the rate of mortality, cardiac diseases, and causes of death.

What Did The Researchers Find?

As per the Swedish study, pet owners were not only thirty-six per cent less likely to die from cardiac diseases but also had a thirty-three per cent less probability of dying from all causes. Furthermore, the study showed a strong connection between health benefits like lower rates of cardiac disease and mortality and pet ownership.

Many studies point out that pet ownership might involve high rates of physical activity. After all, dog owners walk and play with their dogs regularly. Owning a cat or dog might also reduce anxiety and stress, and that has a positive impact on cardiac health.

Reasons Why Owning A Pet Makes Your Heart Healthy

When you talk to, hear, touch, or see your pets, you feel happy, joyous, nurturing, and glad. As a result of this, the stress hormones get suppressed, which is great for your heart health. Simply petting a dog fills you with so much joy, so you can imagine how happy owning them as a pet can feel.

Having a pet is also a good way to increase your fitness level, especially if you have a dog. You can go on regular walks with your dog and even have indoor activities to keep them happy and engaged. 

Thus, your daily dose of exercise is met when you play with your pets or take them out on a walk. And of course, exercise is necessary for heart health. Lastly, taking your pet out for a walk will make you meet more people, and the increased social interaction will also help in easing your mind and take away the stress.

So, rejoice and congratulate yourself on being a pet parent! And for all the health needs of your pet, get in touch with the experts at Petpal.