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Travelling With Your Pet In A Plane? You Must Read This!

on Sat 01 Apr 2023
Travelling with your pet in a plane? You must read this!
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Travelling With Your Pet In A Plane? You Must Read This!

Are you planning to go on a holiday with your canine best friend? Nowadays, it’s quite easy to book a flight for the two of you. There are some airlines, and there are certain other guidelines, under which dogs are allowed to fly with you in the cabin. But even if your dog is normally calm and composed, there are some things about flying that will make them uncomfortable. 


Here are some tips to help you travel with your pet in an airplane to make it easy for both of you.


Get them used to a carrier

Every airline that lets you carry your dogs in the cabin, requires that they are in a very specific kind of carrier. They all have their specific guidelines, mostly about a certain size and some material requirements. To prepare your dog for the journey ahead, just make sure they get used to the carrier. This makes it familiar for them when they board the plane, and they are comfortable throughout. Practice it for a few days at home or in your car before you leave.


Remember to pack for your dog

There is a checklist of things that you must get along on the plane for your furry buddy - 

  • Their drinking bowl or any other collapsible bowl
  • Their health certificate and a copy of their vaccines
  • All or some of their medications
  • Treats or toys so they are occupied
  • A bag for bathroom emergencies
  • A leash or a harness


Things to keep in mind before you fly

There are many things that you need to do before you both embark on your adventure. Remember to feed your dog well before the boarding time, so that if they need to go to the bathroom, you both have enough time. Another important thing to do is to play with your dog before you get to the airport. If you can get them worn out before the journey, they won’t get too hyper at the airport with all that energy around them. 

Also remember to schedule a visit to the vet before you fly to ensure your dog is in good health, and to check whether he or she needs any medication before the journey. Make sure that your dog’s collar and identification tag have been updated, just in case you lose them in the crowd. 


What to do while booking the flight

Try and book your flight at a non-peak time of the day, say really early in the morning. There won’t be as many people on the plane and the air hostess will also not be stressed to help you out in need. Also, airlines typically limit the number of dogs that can fly, so try and book as early as possible. Also try to book only direct flights, as layovers can be hard for your dog.  If you want a really great flying experience, consider booking with an airline that offers pet-friendly cabins, where they can get their own space. 


So, put these tips into action and you’ll have a great time travelling the world together.