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Top New Year Resolutions For Pet Owners

on Sat 01 Apr 2023
Top New Year resolutions for pet owners
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Top New Year Resolutions For Pet Owners

Happy New Year! It’s that time of the year again where we all promise ourselves to be a better version of what we were in the year gone by. While you may have already listed them down, as pet owners, there are some additional promises that you need to make this year, for your pet’s sake.


Need some inspiration for your resolution list? Check out our top suggestions for pet owners and their four-legged friends.


1. Get a pet insurance

Pet insurance is not just about saving money, but also being able to keep you from having to make urgent decisions about your pet’s health based on finances. A good pet insurance will reduce veterinary care expenses for everything - illness and injury to chronic conditions. In an emergency, a pet insurance can be a lifesaver, as it will allow you the freedom to make decisions with your heart rather than wallet. Also, a pet insurance gives your veterinarian the freedom to provide the most comprehensive pet care possible.


2. Never skip your pet’s health checkup

Regular health tests will allow your vet to evaluate even the most subtle changes in your pet’s health and diagnose bigger or serious conditions such as arthritis and dental disease before they get worse. Dogs and cats are experts at hiding illness, which means even if they appear healthy at home, they might have an underlying problem. Regular visits to the vet can help uncover those issues. This will save time, money and stress in the long run. Remember, prevention is always better than cure. 


3. Get in more exercise

Exercising your pet through daily walks, attending agility classes or playing with toys means they get a good workout. Bonus - It also means a workout for you, too. Spending this time together will help strengthen your relationship with your pet as well. Moreover, regular activity is crucial for dogs and cats. It also provides mental stimulation and helps alleviate anxiety, eating disorders, aggression, and other behavioral issues. 


4. Spend more time together

We cannot stress enough on the importance of spending quality time with your furry buddies. Especially because it can help reduce your anxiety and stress, lower blood pressure and boost immunity. Quality time together also helps strengthen your bond. For pets, this time helps increase their happiness, too. Similar to its advantages for humans, spending quality time with their favorite person promotes their physical and mental well-being.


5. Upgrade their nutrition

You may resolved to eat fewer packets of chips and lesser soda, while substituting more salads and the like. But did you know your dogs or cat could also benefit from similar types of changes? Cheap foods may taste good, but in the long term, make sure that you upgrade to a higher-quality diet that has many benefits. Consult your vet before you make any changes, though.