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Top 8 Pet-Friendly Cafes In India

on Sat 04 Apr 2020
Top 8 pet-friendly cafes in India
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Top 8 Pet-Friendly Cafes In India



Are you the kind of pet owner who absolutely can’t stay without your furry friends and wish you could them them to all the places you hang out at? What if we told you that it’s possible! 


Imagine sipping your evening cuppa at a cozy cafe in your city, while your pet sits next to you playing with its own chew toy, or even better - with many other pets. Sound utopic, doesn’t it? Here, we bring to you the top pet-friendly cafes across India where both you and your canine friend can spend some quality time chilling together.


Puppychino cafe, New Delhi

The only cafe to have its own official mascots, apart from a dedicated space where your pet friends can play at ease. Plus, this cafe also has a special dog menu to cater to your pups and dogs, which includes some pancakes, muffins and wholesome meals, all very cutely arranged for your pet pal. 


Bagel Shop, Mumbai

This is an unusually old-fashioned cafe in Mumbai, but equally alluring for both humans and doggy alike. Their menu is a mix of healthy dishes, while their outdoor space ensures you can bring your canine friends along to play with. 


Crimson Chakra, Chennai

A beautiful addition to Chennai’s cafe scene is this place that has some amazing outdoors that provides pet-friendly services. The cafe also has trained pet caretakers who will make sure your dog is well fed and taken care of, while you dine there and spend a great time. 


Prem’s, Pune

While this restaurant does not serve any food for your pets, you are always welcome to carry your own to feed them. Plus, it is a semi-open air restaurant, so your pets can have lots of fun as they play around in a big space.


Therpup - a dog cafe, Bengaluru

Possibly the only cafe in India that has an exclusive healthy dog menu and...wait for it...a trampoline! The owner of this cafe came up with the idea when he could not house a dog because of his work timings and the fact that the city offered no place for him to unwind with a dog. And thus, was born Therpup out of love for dogs. 


Sunny’s, Bengaluru

Are you in the mood for a fancy dinner date with your best friend? Look no further than this fine-dine restaurant with a fancy ambiance that also happens to be pet-friendly. Win win! What’s more, if you are out on a date with another pet parent, you can always let your pets hang out with other pets in the beautiful patio. 


Throttle Shrottle, New Delhi

Owing to its location on the highway, this cafe has been very popular with bikers who frequent the area. And the best part is that if you’re driving along with your pets, they also offer to take care of them and feed them delicious pet food. 


Furball story, Gurugram

The owners of this cafe totally believe in the concept of pet therapy being the best therapy. Hence, they host and train therapy dogs to make you feel better on days you feel low. If you are planning to get your dog along, they also have a specially-curated menu of ‘doggie dabbas’, along with a pool for hydrotherapy, and awesome pet-boarding facilities.