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Top 5 Toys That Your Cat Will Love

on Sat 01 Apr 2023
Top 5 toys that your cat will love
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Top 5 Toys That Your Cat Will Love

Cats can usually be quite different to any of the antics that a dog might jump at. However, that’s not to say that cats don’t get bored at all. 


Much like dogs, cats like (and also need) physical activity. But unlike dogs who you can simply take out for walks, cats need more creative, amusing things to keep them entertained and moving, too. Afterall, getting fat and lazy is no option for them.


There is no one way to describe what your cat likes doing. Some days, they’ll hide in boxes, and other days they might end up drinking water straight from the toilet bowl(yuck)! But there are a few tried and tested ways to keep them entertained. Without further ado, we present them to you -


Any toy with feathers

There is nothing as effective as a feather toy to keep cats engaged. There are many toys that look like a wand with feathers attached at the end, and also swoop like an actual bird, making the whole playing experience more authentic for your cats. Also, a cat’s eyes and brains are designed to react to quick movement, so this might end up being a fun and active play session.


Try the laser

Many timed laser toys can quite motivate your cat to get moving. However, there is one catch. Your cat will never win this game since even if they end up catching the laser dot, it is gone the very next moment. This can get them a little worked up so ensure you don’t do it for too long. 


Treasure hunts

Some cats enjoy hunting and hiding little cat treats here and there might keep them entertained with a game. If your cat loves food, start hiding it in different places every alternate day. Once they find it, it’s a rewarding experience for them, and they will not only have been active, but also full and happy. 


Cat tunnels

Cats love to play hide and seek, and which is why they are often found inside unused boxes. A cat tunnel will satisfy their need to hide very well. They can relax or play away from prying eyes. Some cats may also end up using these tunnels to hide if they feel too overwhelmed, and then come back with renewed energy and vigour to play.


Catnip all the way

A majority of cats go crazy for catnip, so it’s always a good idea to try out that option. Catnip gives cats a natural high, and they may appear a little drunk, too (hehe). Don’t worry, catnip isn’t addictive and the effects don’t last too long either so it’s safe for your cat. Keep changing their catnip toys to keep things playful and interesting for them.