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Top 5 Things You Must Know About Pet Adoption

on Sat 01 Apr 2023
Top 5 things you must know about pet adoption
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Top 5 Things You Must Know About Pet Adoption

You all already know how adopting a pet from a shelter proves much better and favourable than going to a pet store to buy one. What with all those pets in need of loving homes, it only makes sense. 


However, there’s a lot more to pet adoption than most of us know. Like, did you know that shelter pets tend to be healthier than those in a pet store?


Here are five facts about pet adoption that you need to know before you get home a friend for life and make pet ownership a reality.


1.Make sure everyone in your family wants a pet 

Having a pet at home is a whole lot like deciding to have a baby. It will affect every aspect of your family life. Someone will have to take them out in the middle of the night sometimes to pee, someone will have to clean litter; there is a lot to making sure everyone understands an animal is a long-term investment, and not just something you did on a whim. So, since the pet is in for the long haul, it is important that every single member of the family is on board about it. Discuss the delegation of responsibilities before hand to avoid problems later. 


2. Do a thorough research

Some experts suggest that you do a full-fledged research on different breeds and their characteristics to assess and identify if the animal you are choosing to adopt actually fits your lifestyle. You may fall for a cute cat, but may actually be more suited for a dog, or vice versa. For instance, if you don’t go for many walks, getting a pug, instead of an active labrador, would be a better and wiser choice to make.


3.Pet-proof your house

Much like preparing for a new baby, it is important to make sure your home is safe for a new dog or cat. Animals can also get into trouble, so it is always a good idea to work ahead and keep valuables or other dangerous items that may harm your pet, out of their reach. Look around to see what a puppy or kitten can get into, and clean up accordingly. It’s easier to do a little work, instead of waiting for your pup to chew your new shoes and then buy a new pair. 


4. Older pets are calmer and well-trained

​Most of us avoid older pets because they love the younger, more cuter ones, or want to experience the entire process of raising a little pup or kitten. However, the senior pets are actually untapped goldmine in terms of behaviour. Many of them are well-trained and you won’t need to deal with potty-training or the destructive hyperactivity. Senior pets are also more relaxed, and can be a good match for people who don’t like too much activity or want a low-maintenance pet. 


5. Check the shelter before entering it

Don’t just enter the first pet shelter you see in the middle of the road; do your own research first. Look up their websites and assess their experience and quality. It will also help talking to people who have previously adopted pets from the same shelter to gauge if it’s any good. Plus, you can also get a fair idea of all the animals the shelter has to better know what you are in for. Stepping inside a shelter without doing this might prove to be overwhelming; seeing all those cute, furry little things