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Thinking Of Gifting Pets For Christmas? Here’S Something You Should Know.

on Sat 01 Apr 2023
Thinking of gifting pets for Christmas? Here’s something you should know.
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Thinking Of Gifting Pets For Christmas? Here’S Something You Should Know.

There have been a lot of articles that diss the idea of gifting cats and dogs as Christmas presents. The one reasoning that they all have in common is that just because animals look cute with a Christmas tree doesn’t mean they make good holiday gifts. Well, it’s true, especially because caring for animals is a huge responsibility, and they should never be carelessly given as gifts to anyone. 


Most people fail to realize that people who receive animals as ‘surprise’ gifts are not ready to make the lifelong commitment to caring for an animal companion, no matter how much they’d like to. Animals deserve the best, but being given as a gift usually makes that less likely.


So, should you absolutely give up on the idea of gifting pets as gifts? Before we look at the negatives, how about setting three ground rules: 


First things first. Don’t gift a puppy to, say, your neighbour or your child’s best friend. Do not give out pets as gifts to random people on your list, unless they have explicitly told you all they want is a pup or a kitten. 


Secondly, you should understand that giving a pet as a present means brings an animal into an unprepared household. Drop the surprise and let the recipient know that you are planning on something like this. Ensure that they really want it, and follow-up on whether they are preparing their home for the arrival of a new family member. Don’t ask the children, they’ll never say no to a pet. Talk to the parents. Maybe even gift them pet supplies along with the pet so they have everything in place initially and have the time for getting other pet resources. 


The third point, if you know someone who really wants an animal and is ready for the responsibility, always think of giving a gift certificate for the adoption fee at any local animal shelter. Buying a pet is never a good idea, and well, isn’t Christmas the season of spreading joy? Then why not spread some joy to an unwanted pup or kitten by giving them a new home? Wrap up a dish, get some toys, get hold of the gift certificate and watch your loved one’s face light up with joy. You can also all go to the shelter together and pick out an animal who’s just right for the recipient.


The concerns around gifting a pet are justified, but with the right kind of research and a well-thought out process that ensures the well-being of the pet, it can help more pups, kittens, cats or dogs spend Christmas morning in a home!


So, remember these three rules: 

  1. Don’t give a pet to someone as a surprise.
  2. Make sure you involve an adult in the decision-making process.
  3. Pets will make for wonderful gifts only if rule number 1 and 2 are followed.