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The Top Dog Accounts On Instagram That You Should Follow Right Away!

on Sat 01 Apr 2023
The top dog accounts on Instagram that you should follow right away!
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The Top Dog Accounts On Instagram That You Should Follow Right Away!

Dogs will take over the world someday, with all their innocence and loyalty and their general cuddle factor that makes us roll all over them, every day. While world domination will take its own sweet time (we really do believe in it!), pooches around the world have united on social media to bring us the best and the cutest of their daily, playful lives. Whether it’s memes, Facebook fan pages or Instagram accounts, they’re making our days brighter and better, one paw-dorable post at a time.


Here are some of our favourite doggie accounts that you should follow right now!


1.Doug the pug


With a whooping 3.7 million followers and a blue tick, Doug has stolen hearts worldwide. He calls himself the King of Pop Culture and keeps everyone entertained with hilarious parody shows and music videos. Doug has also hobnobbed with Hollywood celebs and has a merch to himself. Have a look at his account here -


2. Baby Beckham

Baby Beckham is a true-blue adventurer and has wanderlust at the core of his existence. With pictures from his hikes and holidays, he’s one pupper who is sure to make you feel jealous or even pass on some of his travel bug. Check out his travel stories here -


3. Loki



Loki, the low content wolfdog from Colorado, as he likes to describe himself, is one adorable husky. His story of rising to fame is even more interesting; a photograph of him and his ‘human pet’ Kelly Lund went viral once, and Loki’s fame eventually had Kelly quitting his full-time job to look after Loki’s fame. Loki is probably the most spirited pet on Instagram and has some beautiful pictures with Kelly that will make you wish you had a friendship like this one. Have a look at his account here -


4. Marnie


Marnie the dog is a Shih Tzu with two million followers, which also includes some famous celebrities. Known for her tilted head and rolling tongue, she makes for some of the best dog pictures on social media. She also has quite the sassy dressing sense, which we really envy. Take a look -


5. Scarbro The Dawg


This poodle mix celeb is the son of yet another famous YouTube star Lilly Singh (Also known as Superwoman), and while his journey on Instagram is quite recent, Scarbro has managed to make hearts flutter in no time. He is as funny as his mother, with his pretty pictures and witty captions and keeps social media thoroughly entertained with his antics. Check out this bawse’s profile here -