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The Benefits Of Sleeping With Your Pets

on Sat 01 Apr 2023
The benefits of sleeping with your pets
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The Benefits Of Sleeping With Your Pets


According to a survey conducted by the AKC (American Kennel Club), at least 45% of dog owners allow their dog to sleep with them, 20% crate their dog and 17% offer a dog bed. Cats have it a little better, with 62% sleeping with their adult humans and 13% sleeping with children in the household.


If you have a pet companion, chances are that you have also weighed the pros and cons of having your pets next to you on the bed, and then finally succumbing to their furry love and cute eyes. Most pet owners share a very special bond with their four-legged friends. 


Apparently, there is much Science involved, too. Being around your pet releases the ‘feel good’ hormone called oxytocin.


For those of you who already sleep with your pets, this must be a huge fist-pump moment. But for the remaining who are still on the fence, we will give you reasons why you should consider cuddling with your pet more often. 


Enhanced sense of security

Having your pet sleeping beside you when you sleep at night can make you feel safe. And not just physically, but also emotionally. Many dog owners anyway get pets for security reasons. So, it makes sense that having a dog lying next to you can extend that sense of protection when you feel most vulnerable. And more so, if you live alone.


Reduced stress levels

Many people who struggle with insomnia, also battle anxiety, depression and stress. This can become a vicious cycle, resulting in even more sleepless nights and panic-like situations. When you have a pet sleeping next to you, it can promote a certain sense of calm that will subvert any bad thoughts you may have. Plus, touching your pets can help release oxytocin in your brain and offer reassurance that you need.


Comforts and provides sense of warmth

Not only will your pet keep you warm on those cold winter nights, their rhythmic breathing or purring can actually help you fall asleep faster, and even lull you back to sleep if you happen to wake up in the middle of the night. Plus, their fuzzy coats are like a major comforter, and can help you feel tremendously at ease.


Forge a stronger bond 

It’s not just you will come out happy from this sleeping arrangement; your pets will love it too! If you work outside most of the day, coming back to your pet and then sleeping with them is bound to make them happy. So, sleeping together is a win-win for both of you as it helps build a stronger emotional connection. 


The benefits of sleeping with your pet will far outweigh any concerns you may have about cleaning the bed. It will improve your overall well-being, keeping both of you happy and healthy in the long run.