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Preparing For Life Before And After Your Pet’S Final Days

on Sat 01 Apr 2023
Preparing for life before and after your pet’s final days
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Preparing For Life Before And After Your Pet’S Final Days

When you brought them home, they probably were just a little ball of fur and just

an animal that you decided to get home for company. But now as they’ve parted

from your life, going about your routine chores also looks like the hardest thing to

do. Their favorite corners in the house, the way they grabbed your attention with

their antics, how they’d jump on seeing their favorite treat- you remember it all,

don’t you?

Then what should you do to not forget them but also to handle yourself when

your pet leaves for their final journey?

1. Talk it out

The easiest and the basic solution is to talk. As much as you’d want to avert the

topic and your pangs, do the opposite! Share your grief with your friends and

family. Let people access you and know what you are feeling even if you feel

you’re better off alone. Nothing beats the comfort of a good talk.


2. Address their importance

You believe that you are a very strong person, yes you are. But that doesn’t at all

mean masking your emotions about your lost pet. Grieving the loss of a pet is

normal, feeling nothingness after their death is normal. Remember you’ve loved

them, shared a good part of your life with them, so it’s equally fine to cry, feel at

loss and speechless. Just accept it, mourn and with time, you’ll get over it too.


3. Pay them tribute

Holding a funeral or memorial service for your pet is something that people

often do. And it’s one good way to let your grief out. One can express their

emotions about the loss of their pet with those who have been a part of your

journey. Being a pet parent, if this looks like a good way to bid farewell to your

darling animal, do it and don’t fret about what others might think or if it looks

appropriate or not.


4. Charity

If you want to do more for your lost pet, you can always go ahead and

contribute towards animal welfare or any other charity, in the memory of your

loving pet. It doesn’t necessarily have to be money or material goods, even

your time can be of great worth to such causes and of course it’ll help you get

over your loss as well.


5. Indulge in some self-care


Look after yourself. Get enrolled in Yoga or reading or any other therapeutic

modes of self-care and channelize your pain better. Sitting and bereaving with

your emotions can be quite a handful. Explore new hobbies, go out for walks

or simply socialize. This will overcome your feelings of loneliness and let you

look after the other beautiful things in the world.

And when you feel that you’ve overcome your phase of blues, you can always

consider getting a new pet in your life. Even if parting with them is scary, you

know that life with them is even more beautiful.