Pet Tele-Health

on Tue 20 Jul 2021
Pet Tele-health
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Pet Tele-Health


Our pets can have problems for which you do not necessarily have to visit the veterinarian. But searching through Google may not be enough as well. For these cases, you can opt for telehealth options. 

So how does pet telehealth work? Let's discuss below. 

What Is Pet Telehealth? 

Pet telehealth is not necessarily an alternative for veterinarian visits unless the online vet has an established VCPR. The vets you meet online cannot replace the ones you take your pet to visit. But, they can certainly help with usual problems, and they can help pet owners figure out things when they cannot go to the vet just yet. 

For example, if your dog gets sick at ten in the night, you cannot run to the vet. But you can always consult a telehealth service and get advice and help even at that odd hour. Most of the time, people check in with telehealth services for less pressing questions like litter, bathing, and other usual things.

Telehealth is an umbrella term that covers topics like telemedicine, teleconsultation, telemonitoring, teletriage, and teleadvice. But veterinarians should only perform telemedicine services if they have established a Veterinarian Client-Patient Relationship (VCPR). 

What Are The Services That Telehealth Can Provide? 

Telehealth can provide solutions for the following issues:

  • Training: It helps your pet acquire specific skills and behaviors. The vet can help you find a suitable method to train your pet

  • Triage: In this process, the vet helps you understand if your pet needs immediate medical help or not

  • Behavioral concerns, like sudden diarrhea or limping  

  • General wellness care

  • Post-surgical care

  • Hospital care 

  • Long-term monitoring also includes existing patients

  • Chronic recurrent issues, like some allergies

  • Prescription refill for existing patients

How Can You Consult Telehealth Services? 

There are many ways to consult a vet online. You can do it with the help of phone calls, emails, and online messaging. There are telemedicine services that allow video conferencing as well. 

What Are the Benefits of pet telehealth?

Pet telehealth can have a lot of benefits over the traditional in-office system. Some of them are as follows:

  • You can consult doctors anytime you want from the comfort of your house. It is handy in the current COVID-19 situation, where going out is next to impossible. 

  • You can consult a telehealth service for usual everyday problems at low costs. 

  • Your pet may experience less anxiety as many pets can get anxious when they have to meet an in-office vet. 

  • It is helpful when your pet is ill and the doctor wants to get updates regularly. You do not have to keep going outside every time. 

Looking forward

In the current situation, telehealth is perhaps the safest way for pet owners and vets to operate. But even in the future, there are high chances for the success of telehealth services. It all depends on the advancement of technology and further clarification in legislation and adherence to the law. 

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