How To Create A Pet-Friendly Home?

on Tue 14 Dec 2021
How to create a pet-friendly home?
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How To Create A Pet-Friendly Home?



We might love to have our pets around us at all times, but what you think is safe human environment for you, might not hold true for your pet buddies. This guide will point out all that you need to know in creating a happy and friendly home for your furry friend.

When you plan the design of a pet-friendly space, the functional requirements of owning a pet are crucial considerations. What kind of pet beds will they need? Where and how will you store their food and toys? Where will they pee? When you account for these things in advance, you are better able to create dedicated spaces in your general household storage, especially when you have limited space.

Behavioural issues are also important considerations to have. For instance, where does your pet like to sleep during the day and at night? Do they have major shedding issues, or do they scratch often? For female pets, where are they most likely to be found when they are on their periods?

Another very important strategy to maximize the size of your living space is to include dual-purpose furniture or items that you can either roll, fold or stack, so that they occupy less floor space you’re your pets can roam about more freely. Rather than purchasing separate pet furniture, which will again require more space, it’s better to share your furniture with your pets.

If you’re worried about soiling your favourite lounging chair, there is a solution for that too. Just get home some removable, washable slipcovers that are a practical solution to protecting seating. Remember to buy pet-friendly fabrics and also take care of any issues they may have with a particular choice of cover.

If you still want a pet-related furniture, you can get one built-in or custom made to match the style of your small space, while also helping to integrate it into the design of your home. For instance, how about inserting an open shelf in the bottom of a deep cabinet, fitting it out with a cushion, and making it a great bed for a small dog?

Another thing to consider when creating a happy living space for your pets is to avoid placing too many knick-knacks around them. Small decorative items or vases placed on a table may fall on your pet’s head, especially if they are prone to curiosity or running around too much.

Above all, the most important thing is for you and your pet to feel comfortable and safe in your house - whether it’s 100 or 1,000 square feet. Ultimately, where you live and how you live affect the sense of well-being and help mould your pet’s behaviour for the better.