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    Dog Walking Essentials For A Rainy Day

    on Mon 06 Apr 2020
    Dog walking essentials for a rainy day
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    Dog Walking Essentials For A Rainy Day

    We love our doggos, period.

    Of course you do, that’s the whole reason you’re here reading this blog! Nothing

    like an aware Dog Parent, right? But like human parents, you also face days when

    it’s tough to decide whether to worry about your furry friend getting wet in the rain

    or to make sure they get their regular walks and finish their ‘business’, don’t you?

    Well, it sure is a vicious circle. While some four pawed love the rains, some don’t.

    In either case, how do you walk them out in incessant rains? What precautions to

    follow? What not to do is a long list but what to do if you want to talk your pooch


    Here are the only essentials you need when taking your dog out on a rainy day:

    1. Raincoat

    You thought only you survive the showery day by throwing on a raincoat? No. The

    dog care markets now offer not just clothes but even raincoats, catering to the

    rainy day needs of your furball. So, go online or through a dog supermarket and

    grab one for yours. Because nothing should stop their fun, not even a little drizzle.


    2. Dog boots

    Now that the whole body is taken care of, what about the paws? Eventually,

    those four little feet might get into muck and puddles, and that surely will make

    them skeptical of coming out ever again while it rains. Solution? Dog Boots.

    Indeed. Cute as it might sound to you, it’s true. Dog boots are a big rage in the pet

    world and they make rain walking such a cake walk for your little one. (Though

    initially they might be tantrummy about the weirdness of the boots but with

    some time, they’ll be fine and running.)


    3. Dog Paw Cleaner

    When they are done through their walk in the fall, chances are they might catch

    some mud on their feet. And you know how tough it is to clean them properly,

    right? For that after effect of rain walking, you absolutely should invest in a Dog

    Paw Cleaner, which is a silicon brush that cleans your doggo’s feet neatly from

    every angle, without leaving speck. How wonderful is that !


    4. Dog Doormat

    If you’ve had a pup for long, chances are that you’ve heard about this one. But

    even if you haven’t, it’s one of the most essential things after it starts pouring. So

    once you’re back from the walk/hike, make sure to run your dog through a dog

    doormat first. A dog doormat is extra thick and bigger absorbent of mud and dirt

    than the normal ones and is the perfect aide to get for your house during rainy



    5. A water-resistant bag

    And when you’ve taken care of all of this, remember to carry all other essentials

    like a dry towel, treats, doggy clothes etc in a water-resistant bag. You never

    know what you might need and when, so better be prepared.

    And above all this fun, don’t forget to keep your canine warm and safe.