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    Best Natural Flea Treatments For Cats And Dogs

    on Mon 06 Apr 2020
    Best natural flea treatments for cats and dogs
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    Best Natural Flea Treatments For Cats And Dogs

    You keep your pet ones really neat and tidy and make sure they compete well with

    their competition around but still can’t figure out how to get rid of them being total

    flea magnets?


    Well, dogs and cats tend to catch flea from almost anywhere and to state in the

    most minimal way, even within your household. Be it under your porch or while

    out in the park, our companions are often attacked by these blood suckers and

    while it seems that there’s no way out, it’s probably your diagnosis that needs to

    change here. Here are some highly promised natural treatments that you can switch

    to get rid of fleas off your beloved cats or dogs (whichever makes your life better,

    we don’t judge!):


    1. Optimize their immunity

    Fleas breed in the most inhospitable or unhealthy environments. And also

    on the undeveloped immune systems of our pups and kitties. So, work on

    their diets and active routines. Because humans or our little hoomans, a

    strong immune system always saves the day!


    2. Comb it out

    While the market is full of flea repellents and sprays, the immense chemicals

    in them are also at play. While the tedious but the best alternative to detect

    fleas is comb your buddy’s fur coat every day.


    Take out sometime and run a comb through their coats. By doing that, you’ll

    catch a lot of flea in the teeth of the comb and can drop it in a bowl of water

    as fleas are believed to jump out when dumped in water.


    3. Tag’em with flea tags!

    As technologically dubious it might sound, there is something in the market

    called a ‘Flea Tag’ and if your dog or cat is a flea magnet despite all your

    honest attempts, it’s the thing you need in your life now.


    Flea Tags are totally reliable things and they work based energy field that

    repels fleas when hung around your feline or doggo’s neck. And to top it,

    they have a long, long shelf life too!


    4. Time to sweep

    Your house and your yard are the main breeding ground for fleas. And even

    if you think there’s not a speck of dirt, it might just not be enough for your

    pet’s health. Run through your hygiene parameters and that of your pets’.

    Start washing their bedding, toys, bathe them more often, watch what they

    are getting into. Secure your backyards, spray some flea repellants in the

    area your pet loves to flock around. This can really combat the issue in the

    longer run.


    5. Consult before you proceed

    Yes. Even if you are sure about the flea issue at hand and are unable to

    understand the Ws of it, talk to the Vet before you go for any natural or

    marketed products. They would check the intensity of the flea attack, how

    your pet is reacting to it, do they need any products or treatment at all, or if

    it’s a repeating pattern, which method would be best to go with