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All You Need To Know About Neutering Cats

on Sat 01 Apr 2023
All you need to know about neutering cats
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All You Need To Know About Neutering Cats

If you happen to have a kitten, it’s highly likely that you often talk to them and

treat them as the only social circle you need. Your intimate chat sessions with them

or when they curl into your sleeping arms or just laying a hand on their fuzzy fur

coat is all it takes to make a horrible day seem better.

But there are other things you need to know about your little cat than just their

ability to make you feel at home instantly because just like children, they too need

right attention at the right time. And one of the most important parts of petting a cat is

neutering them at the right time.


While dogs attain sexual maturity anytime between 6-12 months of age (both

males and females), cats have a faster process. Sexual maturity in cats come

around 4 months of age, also varying upon the breed, birth and individual

developments. Neutering is a common practice that Kitten owners often opt for

when they don’t wish to have more kittens or control the cat’s behavioral changes

and also the risk of diseases in our little friends.


Before getting into knowing the key watch outs for Neutering, one should know

that it’s done to male cats to get their testicles removed and in females, for the

removal of ovaries and uterus. While in the former, castration is carried out, for the

ladies, it’s a process called Spraying that does the job.


Here’s looking at the ‘how to go about the Neutering of your feline’:


1. Are they really ready for it ?

While 4-6 months is a usual sexual maturity attainment age for cats, it’s not

the rigid criteria as well. Let your kitty show the signs of the same before

you act. And if you really don’t want to be caught off guard, contact your

Vet around 4 months to understand the body changes in your catty better.


2. What to expect before Neutering?

The process of sterilizing the cat is done with utmost precision by Vets and

is not something you should really fret about. The doctor would advise you

certain things like withholding the eating for the kitten a night before getting

operated and what to do post it.


The process is performed under anesthesia hence not a ruckus from the pet’s

end too.


3. Life post Neutering

Cat neutering is a smooth surgical process and doesn’t usually take very

long. However, if you have a female cat, your Vet might also keep her under

observation for the night and it’s absolutely normal since Spraying required

a larger incision. The pet normally remains dizzy for a day (anesthetic

properties) but is back to their normal self soon and if that doesn’t happen or

your cat is showing any dubious behavior or scratching at the stitches, you

should contact your Vet asap before any further damage can occur.


Before you even know, your mewing cute one would be back to their playful happy self, rolling on their backs and prancing around the house without the drawbacks that could have made your and their lives scarier. But do remember to keep them active and healthy because if love isn’t only about spoiling them!