Why you should never declaw your cats?

Did you know that cats who have been declawed could more likely have difficulties in walking?
on Mon 06 Apr 2020

The benefits of sleeping with your pets

For those of you who already sleep with your pets, this must be a huge fist-pump moment. But for the remaining who are still on the fence, we will give you reasons why you should consider cuddling with your pet more often.
on Mon 06 Apr 2020

Tips to keep your house from smelling like dog

Our furry friends might be super cute and cuddly, but their smell might not be.
on Mon 06 Apr 2020

The best guard dogs for your house

Having a pet around you and your family definitely adds a sense of security to your life.
on Mon 06 Apr 2020

Top 8 pet-friendly cafes in India

Are you the kind of pet owner who absolutely can’t stay without your furry friends and wish you could them them to all the places you hang out at? What if we told you that it’s possible!
on Sat 04 Apr 2020

Best songs about our favourite dog friends!

In celebration of these forever loyal companions, let’s celebrate man's best friend with a list of jams that honour their furry charm. Right from some good old country songs to the amazing rock'n'roll, here are our picks for the 5 best songs about dogs.
on Sat 04 Apr 2020

How to create a pet-friendly home?

What kind of pet beds will they need? Where and how will you store their food and toys? Where will they pee?
on Sat 04 Apr 2020

Can pets improve the quality of your life?

A study found ‘dog ownership is linked to improved heart health for humans’. Why is this important?
on Sat 04 Apr 2020

How to deal with motion sickness in dogs

Why do dogs have motion sickness?
on Fri 03 Apr 2020