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5 Fun Ways To Keep Your Dog Active Indoors

on Sat 01 Apr 2023
5 fun ways to keep your dog active indoors
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5 Fun Ways To Keep Your Dog Active Indoors

With our crazed daily schedules taking a toll on our routines, we can imagine how difficult it must get for you to carve out some extra time for taking your pets outdoors for a game of fetch or a short run. However, that doesn’t mean you skimp on activity for them. 


A dog’s exercise needs remain constant throughout the year and when they are left unmet, it can cause a whole lot of behavioural issues. They can get hyperactive in their greetings, chew on all your valuable items, or you may even see increases anxiety or aggression in some cases. This becomes even more problematic if your dog is prone to aggression already since lack of exercise can exacerbate it. 


To prevent this, keep them entertained even when their daily walks aren’t possible. Read on to know more about this easy, but totally fun activities that you can indulge them in for a hale and hearty doggie. 


Try your luck with indoor games

Don’t play the same games over and over; instead try and choose different games each time and also keep switching toys to keep your dog entertained. How about a game of tug for teaching self-control? You could also easily play fetch inside the house using some of their soft toys or little balls that won’t break your things. If your dog is the kind who loves a good chase, attach a stuffed toy to the end of a rope and simulate one. If you have a big garage, maybe take your dog down there to play and run.


Make scavenging fun 

Dogs are scavengers by nature, so they can spend a whole lot of their waking hours in search of food. What if you could make that a fun activity? Get your dog to hunt for their meals instead of serving it to them, thus making it an exercise of sorts. Try feeding your dog kibble out of a food puzzle. Or you could even exercise them by tossing a treat across the room and telling them to find it. Food and fun, combined!


Get them play dates

You like your weekend dates, don’t you? Why not arrange ne for your dog too? Get home their best friends and together they can indulge in playful banter right in your home. Social interaction with other dogs is always good for your canine. Plus, if you arrange for a play date at someone else’s home, you can get your much needed break too without having to worry about your dog.


How about some dog massage? 

Dog massages are a great way to bond with your dog. Plus it helps them relax and unwind like no other, especially senior dogs who have with arthritis. A nice relaxing dog massage helps reduce their stress, anxiety, promotes blood circulation - all of which are good for your dog’s health. 


Try the treadmill

If you have a treadmill at home, you could use it to get rid of your dog’s excess energy and give them some much-needed exercise on days you don’t have the energy to step out of your home. However, make sure that you keep it slow and first get them used to it. Also, use a lot of treats and praises and never leave your dog unattended lest they get hurt.