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The best guard dogs for your house

Having a pet around you and your family definitely adds a sense of security to your life. While sometimes their mere presence is enough, at times families might want to go a step ahead and bring home a dog that offer protection from unwanted people entering the serene setting of your lives. Obviously, nobody wants their dog to be in a situation where they have to put up a fight, but sometimes it helps to have a dog that will not run away from scary situations.

It’s also important that to be able to do the duty of a house dog effectively, it must be trained. Otherwise, it may end up ‘protecting’ you from everyone that it deems a threat. It could be a neighbour, a relative, or worse, little kids.

So choose your breed wisely, and then train them efficiently. Here are some of the dogs that you can look at –

1- German Shepherd

Possibly one of the best choices when it comes to guard dogs, German Shepherds are great for protection, security, and as a fun family dog as well. They are large, muscular but also very gentle family pets. Plus, they are immensely courageous, so they are not afraid to put themselves out there to save a loved one. The only thing you must take care of that the dog is well bred and make sure the dog is coming from a healthy environment.

2 – Rottweiler

The Rottweiler is a classic guard dog. If it’s properly trained, the Rottweiler can actually turn out to be quite intelligent and confident and make for a great guard dog for all kinds of families. Additionally, they can perform almost all sorts of tasks with ease, such as herding (in case you live up on a farm or a mountain area). Do remember though that some Rottweilers can have a natural suspicion of strangers and so need immense socialization as puppies, so that they are confident, and not just randomly barking at everyone out of fear.

3 – Bullmastiff

The Bullmastiff was originally a cross between Bulldog and Mastiff and were bred to hunt down poachers. Today, this dog can be both a homebody suited for families, and also an excellent guard dog when the need arises. They are very smart, confident, and always alert, making them best-in-class protectors. They should definitely be trained young, though, because it’s easier to handle their size when they are small.

4 – Boxer

A Boxer usually looks quite menacing, but is actually quite fun-loving, active and bright. It is also an extremely loyal breed, great with children, which makes them a superb candidate for a guard dog and a homebody as well. Bear in mind that they have quite high energy levels, so they’ll need a lot of exercise.

5- Great Dane

They are large dogs, like really large ones! However, they are surprisingly gentle and patient with children, make friends easily and most importantly, are extremely alert to unwanted changes in their surroundings. They are a great deterrent for unwanted visitors and their size and bark amply support their guard dog mannerisms.

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