How to find the right pet trainer?

How to find the right pet trainer?

No matter how much we adore and go motherly at the antics of our kids, teaching them the right things becomes essential at some stage in life and that’s where School comes in. The same goes for our pets. If you happen to have one, you’d agree with us that despite all their personalities, you do wish to train them about certain things and that’s when you need a Qualified Pet Trainer. While Pet Training isn’t a regulated industry, it sure is an important one and the World of pet owners is gradually getting into it. But where do you start? What to look out for? How to find the right pet trainer? If you are equally clueless on the head start, we are here to make your job easier and bring you closer to the best pet trainer that your little buddy needs.

1. Qualifications matter!

Before you get into other extreme filters, start your search for the best qualified Pet trainers in your vicinity. A certification like CPDT-KA or CPDT-KSA just brings the assurance that your pet is in trained hands.

2. Read up about ‘em!

With the boon called ‘Internet’, things have thankfully got easier and that applies even to your Pet trainer search. Do read up about the Pet Trainers you have shortlisted, their techniques, their reputation etc. Customer testimonials are what make 80% of your decision in this case, hence go through them thoroughly before making a choice.

3. Know your expectations

Before you personally contact any Pet Trainer, make a list (yes, the good old handwritten list) of the things you expect with the Training. Do you wish to tackle their obstinacy or want them to learn a few tricks or control their changing behavioral patterns? As long as you know what you want out of the training, decision making will never be that hard for you.

4. Rummage through techniques

Trainers who use Reward-based training (often called Positive reinforcement) is a must. These include force-free, treating the pets to train methods and work better than magic on the pets. And if you happen to find a Trainer who uses ‘Punishment’ or ‘Cookie Pushers’ or any other derogatory techniques, step right away from them! Remember, you want to train your pet but only because you love them and these inhumane ways are not to be opted.

5. Involve yourself too!

Many Pet Trainers might ask you to come drop your pet yourself or sit through some sessions. Even if you might have a crunch of time, make some! It’s a brilliant way of making your pets train faster when you are around and as involved. Because at the end of the day, they are going to take instructions from you so why not? Whether you want to inculcate discipline or emotions or anything beyond in your pet, keep your search intact. As a Pet parent, never shy from taking free demos and trial classes before you find ‘the one you’ve been looking for’.